Our Team

Providing excellence in challenge and extension for your students


Our tutors have a wide range of skills and many years of experience working with those students who need more extension opportunities than can be easily provided in the school classroom.

The core group have all been involved in working with groups attending the Achieving Potential Seminars organized by Jean Hendy-Harris through Holiday Seminars Charitable Trust over the last decade. They are each familiar with the wide variation of learning styles such children present, and quite accustomed and at ease with teaching to ability rather than age.

Would YOU or someone you know be interested in joining us?

We are still looking for TUTORS in the following areas……….
Archeology introducing students to the study of past human societies through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data they leave behind. Electronics are here to stay – we live in a landscape littered with electronic devices. It would be great to understand how and why all these devices work and what makes them differ. We need an enthusiastic ElectroMan (or Woman) to help us here! Stockmarket Savvy An introduction to understanding investing and grasping the concept of Risk and Return. We need someone who can explain the profits and the perils of the stockmarket.
If YOU are interested in working with small groups of highly motivated students (10 to 14 yr olds) on a part time basis email jean@giftedseminars.org or tel: 09 377 5927 mob: 021 389 448.


Elaine is a long established expert in the education of high ability children. She has worked within schools and the community building opportunities for educational and emotional advancement for our most able young people and her work in this field is internationally acknowledged. She has worked both as a school facilitator with TEAM Solutions directly involved in providing learning opportunities for high level thinkers and also as an advisor and tutor for the school holiday Achieving Potential Seminars.

Over the years she has developed a range of exceptional workshops directly aimed at stretching the thinking of those students who are not easily challenged. Some of her most recent units are: Medieval Mayhem, Super Sleuths, On The Horns Of A Dilemma, Psychology for Kids, Creative Thinking, Scrapbooking and Tantalising Tessalations.


Ken is a man of many parts. As a writer of over forty books his name is familiar in a number of areas including education, fishing and weather forecasting.  As a mathematician he has toured New Zealand schools with his Flying Mathman programme, preaching the somewhat subversive message that maths is more than marvelous! He is a world renowned long range weather forecaster and now appears regularly on radio and television programmes in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. But that’s not all! Ken is also a magician and entertainer and his conjuring shows have enthralled children for many years. He has now added to his repertoire with the amazing Mind Reading workshop!


Gloria is the Director of Astronomical Services and has worked in education for over twenty five years, developing curriculum based programmes for students of all ages. Her traveling Planetarium, STARLAB, is a truly innovative enterprise which can be taken directly into schools in order to give every child a better understanding of common astronomical concepts: night and day, star recognition, constellation positions, space exploration, together with a peep into the myths and legends of time and space.


During her eight years as gifted education advisor to schools, Sonia’s time was spent in teacher professional development, working with school management, gifted education coordinators and teachers. She facilitated workshops, seminars, keynotes and provided one to one support in gifted education pedagogy, including an overview of giftedness, establishing a school vision for gifted learners, defining high ability, identification procedures and good practice, writing policies, acceleration and provisions for high level learners. Her byline is `unleashing potential’ – and she is passionate about it!


Avon is a Music Dance and Drama specialist with an Advanced Teaching Diploma in the Arts. She is a very experienced practitioner and likes to keep her programmes exciting and fresh. Avon has worked with over 200 schools in Greater Auckland helping them to implement a lively and accessible Arts programme. We are delighted to welcome her to our team this year.


Russell is a Literature and Classics teacher with many years experience working with students of high ability. His prime focus of expertise is the English language, its development and proliferation throughout the world. But he is also a historian with vast knowledge and understanding of how those who peopled the past profoundly influence the future. The workshops he has developed for primary school students include topics such as Plague & Pestilence, Monsters & Tyrants, Understanding Propaganda, Bookworms’ Bonanza, People In History, Story Telling, Debating, Architecture, Art Appreciation and Traditions of Oratory.


Jean is a free lance writer who has organized holiday programmes in Auckland for gifted and talented students since the early 1990s. She has for many years been interested in the provision of differentiated education programmes for intellectually able students and undertook the education of her own children via home education during their primary and early secondary years.


Nick is both a Doctor of Psychology and a Special Needs Teacher. He is also a performance poet with a keen interest in developing the skill to write poetry in young children. For five years he has provided a range of workshops for the school holiday Achieving Potential Seminars. These have included topics such as Codes & Ciphers, Extension Mathematics, Heraldry, Poetry Writing, History of Espionage, Spy School.


Richard has worked as Education Co-ordinator for Howick Historical Village, New Zealand's leading Living History Museum. He has also for many years taken his own programme into schools bringing curriculum based social studies and technology presentations to students.  His extensive area of authority is the development of toys through hundreds of years of history and this is enthusiastically received by students of all ages.   His presentations are often costumed.


Our Philosophy Team comes to you directly from the University with an international programme currently taught in more than thirty countries around the world. Philosophical debate allows the students to improve cognitive skills, evaluate reasons and arguments, explore and analyse concepts, draw inferences, make distinctions, see connections, identify fallacies, test generalizations, construct arguments and clarify ideas. It is an ideal forum for high ability students.